The time trial in Verona was the last stage ever in his career at the Giro for Vincenzo Nibali. The Messina champion has kept the fourth place in the general classification, but for all his fans, he is the moral winner of the Giro D'Italia 202

And when he entered the Arena for the award ceremony, the public gave him reserved an ovation.

"I'm more excited today, than when I won..."

Vincenzo Nibali therefore closes in fourth place the pink race number 105, the last of his formidable career. And after the final time trial he receives a special prize for the feats given away in recent years on this stage.

Lifetime Achievement Award for our Shark, the trophy for his last Giro.

“The day after my last lap, I still struggle to find words. I experienced intense moments in each stage with its landscapes, scents, colors and fatigue but, above all, supported by your warmth. I will never forget the applause, cheering and affection you showed me along the roads of the tour… It is really true: Infinite Love. Once again, Thank you!"