Limar, on the occasion of the Naples stage of the Giro d'Italia, on Saturday 14 May presented the new collection " BREAKING THE USUAL" , choosing the top model LIMAR AIR PRO in the colored version " 60's Blue red ", inspired by the fabulous 60 's leading our Astana Qazaqstan Team riders. And what better background than that of Naples, the city of a thousand colors: Bergamo's homage to the Neapolitan city.

The exceptional event saw our athletes run the stage of a Grand Tour with an unusual helmet, precisely to underline the importance of uniqueness and inclusiveness: key features of the new Limar collection.

Captain Vincenzo Nibali and the whole team have lent themselves to wearing their AIR PRO helmet in this unusual 60s-inspired color, aware of also communicating a message of peace and love, typical of those years and even more current and useful in this period.

Of course, the message of safety and protection is always present which, thanks to the combination of a carbon structure that significantly increases the strength of the helmet and the impact absorption capacity of the eps, makes the Air Pro model one of the helmets, if not the safest helmet in the world.

The core ideology of the 1960s is characterized by concepts of peace, love and freedom, in search of a new meaning in life. “Make love, not war” sums up this philosophy perfectly.
Floral prints, an explosion of colors with bright and brilliant shades, objects full of personality and combined with each other in bright chromatic contrasts. All this is well represented by the 60'S BLUE RED color version worn by Team Astana riders.